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Costcutter is a retailer for retailers, having grown from a network of just seven stores in York, England, to more than 1550 across the UK. Stores under the Costcutter banner have also opened in Ireland and Poland, and the respected symbol group has now arrived in Morocco with the aim of achieving significant growth for the brand.

We have the rights to establish Costcutter stores in Morocco, and when you choose to establish your own Costcutter store, we can provide you with the same level of industry knowledge and experience as our counterparts in the UK enjoy. As a Costcutter retailer, you can expect continuous business growth and development with support from a dynamic sales force and seasoned industry professionals.

When you run a retail business, issues such as staffing, merchandising and waste management can sometimes be a problem. This is why Costcutter Morocco has locally based sales managers, who have amassed many years of retail experience, to support and advise you.

We greatly value our member retailers, and have a management team that can oversee the entire process of creating a Costcutter store here in Morocco. You can depend on us to provide the assistance you require, from the initial planning of your store’s layout to the implementation of an effective product range.

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Costcutter Morocco

Meet the Team
Najib Khan

As the founder and owner of the Sunstar Group, which still co-owns the Costcutter symbol company, Mr Najib Khan has played a significant role in the expansion of the brand.
Costcutter Morocco

Meet the Team
Majed I Chaudury

As Managing Director of Thothaal Group, Majid Ismail Chaudhry is another man to have played a key role in Costcutters success in the UK.
Costcutter Morocco

Meet the Team
Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftikhar Ahmed is the founder and the director of Payless Group, in which roles he owns several Costcutter stores.
Costcutter Morocco

Meet the Team
Syed I Husain

Syed I Husain is the Operations Manager at Sunstar Group, as well as a member of the team at the charitable PTS Foundation.