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“Unrivalled commitment to convenience retailing”

What is Costcutter

The Costcutter brand has become firmly established as a “retailer for retailers” since it was set up in 1986 by English entrepreneur, Colin Graves. Since then, Costcutter has expanded considerably from its humble beginnings as a network of just seven stores in the York area of England to more than 1550 stores in the UK alone. During this time, the brand has never forgotten its commitment to convenience retailing.

This website is the home of the Morocco Costcutter franchise and we own the rights to set up Costcutter stores in Morocco. We would like to share with you of the benefits of setting up as a retailer here under the Costcutter brand and show how you can profit from the invaluable support and expertise on offer.

We operate the very first Costcutter franchise in Morocco, playing a key role in perpetuating and promoting Costcutter’s values to retailers and shoppers all over the country. This follows on from previous growth of the brand in other countries that have taken up the franchise option, namely the United Kingdom, Ireland and Poland.

Invest in a franchise from Costcutter Morocco

When you purchase a franchise from us to set up a Costcutter store in Morocco, you benefit from the same knowledge and experience as your longer-established counterparts in other countries.

This means that you get access to locally based sales managers who have already accumulated many years of experience in retail and are able to guide you through the entire process of setting up a Costcutter store. From planning the layout of your store to ensuring that the right product range is implemented, the aim is to improve and develop your business. We can also assist with advice on matters such as merchandising, recruitment and waste management.

The Costcutter brand

Costcutter has established a firm reputation as a retail expert, having won the respect of members, suppliers, consumers and the industry as a whole. It has done this by remaining true to its motto of ‘Proud to be local’.

Costcutter knows exactly how to develop a business to satisfy customers while maximising profits, assisted by a great passion for retail success. It has long supported retailers to achieve their business objectives, and we can do the same for you and your Costcutter Morocco store. We offer a great promotional package, but you will have the flexibility to run your own store as you wish.