UK Office +44 208 659 3400
Morocco Office +212 0524 373 935

Why we are different

What makes Costcutter Morocco the best choice of franchise when you are looking to set up a retail store?

Costcutter Morocco, was masterminded by people with a level of expertise second to none, each having achieved a long and successful track record with the UK-based symbol group. As a franchise agreement, there will be no difference between the standard of service enjoyed by UK and Morocco retailers. This means that you can turn to us with confidence for assistance with all aspects of running a retail store, from merchandising and waste management to recruitment and marketing. We oversee the management of all these elements, right down to the addition of services within your store such as post office facilities, PayPoint locations and automated teller machines.

Our managers are locally based and, unlike those of some other retailer franchises, are happy to give you the freedom to run your store as you see fit – all without compromising the levels of support on offer. Our managers are passionate about successful retailing, which is why they will help you to develop your own entrepreneurial skills.

Departments within the organisation handle the various aspects of running your retail store. These include our customer liaison department that highlights new promotions and trading opportunities in addition to scheduling central distribution deliveries, and our marketing department that organises in-store promotions, leaflets and TV campaigns.

Another key factor of Costcutter Morocco is its commitment to worthy causes, with a number of charity projects presently under development that promote wellbeing and cultural harmony within the communities in which we operate. Indeed, these commitments have even won us awards, including the Asian Trader Award, Star of Pakistan Award and Convenience Retail Awards.