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The End! What a challenge!

Back in London after 8 exhausting days rallying in the Moroccan South where we had heat, rain, lightning, totally disorientating experiences, but thankfully limited mechanical problems. We loved our Toyota Land Cruiser, rock solid. While all around us cars disintegrated, ours held on. Jamila had to repair the exhaust pipe once with a bit of string and I had to keep an eye on the tyres but otherwise it was all going well.

Pity we were unfortunately not very good at navigating. Whatever landscapes shown on the old black and white maps, we were never sure that that was what we saw in real life. The point of the rally is to do the least amount of kilometers but you have to balance that with getting completely lost (which we did at rather boring regular intervals!)while trying to go straight to a point rather than take a piste which is, frankly, a surer way to find your way. It took us a few days to understand that.

Getting up every morning at 4am, tracing the first trajectory on the map, getting the car in line for departure, breakfast and by 6am, departure. We always made it back to camp in the evening sometimes following moped’s tracks when there was nothing else to follow! In the evening, you file your checkpoint list, you fill the car with diesel, you put the tent up if it’s a new campsite and then dinner (excellent food) and sleep.

In the dunes, this is where the words “camaraderie” and “helping each other” take all their sense. Without the others, you could spend your day getting out of the sand. Here we pull each other, we wait for each other, nobody goes in the dunes on their own, even the best.

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